Hi all! Hows everyone doin tonight?

We’re in Asheville, North Carolina. Believe it or not, we went here for the dog park! Our poor pack has been leashed for like 6 weeks, they were itchin to get loose, and we haven’t found a good fenced dog park in East Tennessee. (Now that I say that, hopefully a bunch of our friends will clue us into some?)

IMG_20160625_115021_01Anyway, we got here Thursday and took the huskies to the French Broad River Park dog park yesterday afternoon, and it was great. We even found a place where they could swim in the river. Maybe Carol has a pic…. It was under a bridge, and Nikko was just swimming around for like half an hour. He loves to swim. Kobi went in too, but he just kinda splashes around, doesn’t go into the deep water and swim like Nikko does.

Today we got out there early, it was cool, 70’s and kinda cloudy, there were a lot of other dogs there, and they had a blast. No swimming today, but there wore themselves out and slept all afternoon.
Today was also laundry day (BAH!) and grocery shopping day. We went to Walmart, and this one was not laid out like most. It’s always fun going to a strange grocery store (not!)
Dinner was Chicken Fajitas. Delicious!!!

We’re here to Monday morning, and we found a long term place for the rest of the summer! We’ll be at Bear Cove Village on Veterans Parkway in Pigeon Forge until October 1 or we buy a house. (ooops, that was a secret, forget I said that!)

The rest of the weekend, I’ll be watching Nascar on the outside TV (rigging an outside TV should have been a subject of a past blog post, hopefully will be a subject of a future one?) We also want to go to the Arboretum, which is much less expensive than the Biltmore Estate – LaDiDa!) and we’ll see what else.

web-farmers-market_1805They have a GREAT Farmers Market right here in Asheville, so before we went to Walmart (blech on their veggies!), we stopped there and bought a bunch of fresh locally-grown produce for our week of meals. Carol went back there on Saturday morning, camera in hand, to get some photos of everything Farmers Market to send to her stock agencies. She met a lot of really nice people and got some great pictures! The Market is broken up into 2 separate areas – retail and wholesale, and this is where many local restaurants go to buy their fresh produce. I highly recommend going there and buying fresh, locally grown produce. They are open every day! Check out their website HERE.


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  1. Dawn Patrick

    So glad you are settling in Asheville. Nice area! We come up from FL and go skiing in Feb usually. If you stay through til the fall, you’ll really see some beautiful fall leaves. Love your updates while moving around.
    Enjoy yourselves!! Take care 🙂

  2. Dawn Patrick

    P.S. Tell Carol I loved her pictures of the fruit and all her pictures always! And my favorite pics are of your sweet doggies.

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