It’s All About Making Memories

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In the words of motivational speaker and author Brendan Burchard, we should end each day asking ourselves these three questions: Did I live fully today? Did I love today? Did I matter today? In other words, did I live my … Continued

Stop The Glorification of “Stuff”

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About two years ago we made the decision to sell all of our “stuff” and pursue the full-time RV lifestyle. When my husband first brought up this possibility, it sounded ludicrous to me. After all, here I was living in … Continued

Apps That Earn Me A Little Money

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Let’s face it – we’re all out to save a buck whenever we can, right? Especially living this full-time RV lifestyle – income is much less than it used to be when we had a full-time business in our sticks … Continued

Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw

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Way down in southeast Arizona, near the town of McNeal, there is a very special place. Right in the middle of the desert lies an oasis, a desert grassland habitat, where there are ponds for the Sandhill Cranes to roost in. … Continued

Happiness Is…

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This post contains affiliate links from Up until a year ago, we were your average upper middle-class family. We owned and lived in a 4000 square foot timber frame home on an acre with a built-in pool in the … Continued

Texas Highways – Not For The Faint Of Heart

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You know you’re in Texas when: Taking the tollway means you can haul ass You measure distance in time, not miles You’re not considered a real driver until you’ve survived Houston in rush hour traffic At least one member of … Continued

Good For You Chili Recipe

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This post contains affiliate links from We are currently in Texas. And when in Texas, we do like the Texans do and eat Chili!! It was our honor to share this meal with The Weed Family, who we visited … Continued

The Location Independent Lifestyle Series – Dropshipping and Affiliate Sales

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This post contains affiliate links. I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year’s holiday!! We haven’t blogged in a little while because we were busy visiting family and friends, and enjoying the holidays ourselves. But now, it’s time … Continued

Simple Ways To Simplify Christmas

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This post contains affiliate links from When we chose this lifestyle, we chose to simplify our lives. We purposely sold all of our “stuff” and took with us only the bare essentials – the things we couldn’t live without. … Continued

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