Spearfish Canyon of South Dakota

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When Jim said, “Let’s go to South Dakota!” when we were trying to figure out which direction to go first after our launch, I was all like, “Meh. South Dakota? Not much in South Dakota, except the Badlands, which are … Continued


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Seven more days. One week. At this time next Friday we will be full-timers. There’s still so much to do! And yesterday we got word that the buyer’s bank is insisting he have the radon mitigated, even though it only … Continued


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We’re counting down! 9 more days! So far we have: *Held 2 garage sales *Sold multiple items via Craigslist *Taken 2 carloads to Goodwill (stuff that didn’t sell in the garage sale) *Dumped multiple loads into the dumpster at Jim’s … Continued

The Best Damn BBQ Ribs You’ll Ever Eat

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  I’m not gonna lie – EVERY person I have served these ribs to has asked for this recipe. For the longest time I wouldn’t give anyone the recipe – it was my little secret. People would ask, and I … Continued

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