We Are Now Florida Residents!!!

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I’ve read a bunch of posts about setting up a “domicile” in a new state. Today, we are going to try to be as specific as we can about exactly how and why we chose to set up our domicile … Continued

How To Sell All Of Your Crap And Take Off In Your RV

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  When we decided to start this full-time RV-ing adventure, we had 3 properties (1 house, 2 commercial properties) and a TON of crap. At one point, six people lived in my 4000 square foot crap-holder house, including a pack-rat mother-in-law … Continued


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Seven more days. One week. At this time next Friday we will be full-timers. There’s still so much to do! And yesterday we got word that the buyer’s bank is insisting he have the radon mitigated, even though it only … Continued