Eagle Scout Ceremony

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CloseUpPinThis past Sunday, we had our official Eagle Scout ceremony, where Brian received his official Eagle Pin (that’s the pin on his breast pocket in this photo). So we are back in Illinois right now, for this ceremony, and for his family graduation party which will be held this Saturday at my brother’s home (since we are “homeless” and all – LOL).

The times they are a’changin’. Very quickly. Perhaps too quickly for this Mama. Brian is my youngest, so this is all a little bit harder for me. Now that he is an Eagle Scout and graduated high school (through homeschool – yes, I made this diploma myself),diplima he tells me he is ready to start the Navy and begin his new life. So, today we are going to talk to the Navy recruiter and hopefully get a date set (or at least the wheels in motion) for Brian to join the Navy. The nice part is since he is an Eagle Scout, he goes in TWO ranks higher than everybody else! How cool is that!! I guess it was totally worth hanging around Illinois long enough for him to finish his Eagle stuff last summer! I am so incredibly proud of him that I just might burst!

The Eagle Scout ceremony was totally great! It was a lot of work on our part but totally worth it in the end. The ceremony was emceed by Brian’s troop Scoutmaster, BrianWithUswho has been fighting cancer for some time now (prayers appreciated – Jeff is a GREAT guy who gives so much to scouting!) Brian presented him with the Mentor Pin – a Scout tradition where the Eagle Scout presents a person who he feels has guided and mentored him throughout his journey to Eagle. And who better to receive this award than the Scoutmaster who has been there (even through chemo and radiation) almost every single meeting, not only for Brian but for all the other kids in the troop. Brian presented him with this pin, with a very well-written speech that honored Jeff in the best way. Another proud Mama moment!

EagleOathThe whole day was a great testament to homeschooling, as Brian had to also give a speech himself about what scouting has meant to him over the years. This speech was perfect – well-written and well-delivered. Not a single stutter – he sounded poised and grown up. When he was in public school, he would have struggled with giving a speech to a room full of people. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the change in him! I blame homeschooling – in a good way!

Not only is my baby joining the Navy and leaving me, my middle son (there are 3 of them) is moving to Wichita, Kansas on May 1. I guess we’ll be driving through Kansas often on our way to wherever we are going so I can visit with him! I’m gonna miss the big guy!!

MomHugHold them close guys and give them an extra hug today – their growing up goes by way too fast!! I’m about to be an empty-nester – not sure how I feel about this!


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