Flying the Flag!

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Of course every RV needs to fly the flag, and ours won’t be an exception. I looked at a lot of different flagpoles and brackets on Amazon. I also studied them in use in campgrounds, and also at Chicagoland Speedway, where we’ve been season ticket holders and infield campers. Nascar fans are very big on Flags.
SEVEN more Sundays until the Daytona 500!!! (there, I feel much better now.)

There sure are a lot of options! Lots of people have the short ground poles. These hang Driveon holderthe rv-flag-poles-ground-mountflag nicely, and you don’t need a ladder to put them up, but they are short and need a stake in the ground.

Drive ones are popular and easy, but wouldn’t work for us because
of our slideouts. There is just nowhere a pole could stick straight up
from a tire without running into a slideout room.


hitch mount

Hitchmounts are very easy and rugged, but with the cycle lift, it is very crowded around our hitch.  bolt-on
These bolt-on pole holders are made to bolt to the steel back door on a toy hauler. We’ve nothing on our motorhome solid enough to bolt that to. Even if we had a toy hauler, the back door would probably be open more often than not. Then what?



I finally found “FlagPole Buddy”. This is a 2 piece mount made to attach to an RV’s rear Flagpole label
Flagpole Lower Bracketladder. The bottom bracket is a cup in a swivel mount with a 4
bolt clamp to attach to the ladder.





The top bracket is made so the flagpole can slide in at an angle, but is held securely when Flagpole upper bracket
the pole is moved vertical and dropped into the lower cup mount. Ingenious but simple.
My first attempt (bigger is better, right? ) was a 22 foot fiberglass pole. This one was way up there. Was setup to hold two flags. Came with a nice vinyl carrying case too. But the rings that hold the flags were really cheesy. Only 2 would actually go on the pole. The pole was 5 or 6 sections, and the top 3 were real thin and whippy. It’s second day on duty, there was a storm and some winds, and that whippy fiberglass pole cracked in 2 places. The wind picked it up out of the brackets, and we found the whole thing down the block the next day 🙁

Some more hunting on Amazon found this one. Same 2″ Flagpole Buddy brackets, but with a 4 section aluminum mast.
Flagpole bottom sectionThe lower section is a full 2″. The sections have 1/4 turn camlocks.Flagpole Top Section
The top section was still a full inch and a half. The top section of
that wimpy fiberglass pole was way less than an inch, and the sections had these multi turn friction locks that you had to crank and crank and still couldn’t be sure it was gonna stay in place.

This is a good pole. Strong and stiff. You can use it with only 3 sections extended and still clear the roof of the motohome. The rings that hold the flags are very high quality.

RV Flag Pole Kit by FlagPole Buddy 16 Feet is the kit I recommend. Click it and buy it, and we’ll get a few pesos to help keep the tank full. Thanks in advance!

Of course the rule is, the American Flag can only be flown from Dawn to Dusk, unless it is lighted. So we needed a light.
Flagpole SolarFlagpole lightThis GRDE Solar Flagpole Light Flag Pole Solar Lighting- Brightest, Most Powerful -20 LED Downlight Lights up Flags on Most 15 to 25 Ft Flag Pole Light Night Lighting – Brightest, Hassle-free, Eco-friendly, Energy-saving, Low-cost was both cheap and seemed (and has proven to be) good. The flagpole top end is tapped for a 7/16″ NC bolt, which I bought at the hardware store along with a washer.


And so there she is. TheFlag Flying
Stars and Stripes, flying high and proud. It’s been a few weeks, and more than one storm. This flagpole and mount are tight and solid. The rings are solid. It’s not loud in the wind, and shows no sign of collapsing in a mess like the fiberglass pole did. Thanks for your reading, and again, if you are looking for a quality flagpole, mounting system, flag, and light, click these 2 links.


RV Flag Pole Kit by FlagPole Buddy 16 Feet

GRDE Solar Flagpole Light Flag Pole Solar Lighting- Brightest, Most Powerful -20 LED Downlight Lights up Flags on Most 15 to 25 Ft Flag Pole Light Night Lighting – Brightest, Hassle-free, Eco-friendly, Energy-saving, Low-cost


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  1. Dave Brommel

    I finally went with the Flagpole Buddy with 22′ pole. Love it only takes minutes to put up. I fly American Flag and USAF retiree flag.

    • Jim Mellema

      I hope yours lasts.
      That is the one that broke in just a couple days.

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