It’s All About Making Memories

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In the words of motivational speaker and author Brendan Burchard, we should end each day asking ourselves these three questions:

  1. Did I live fully today?
  2. Did I love today?
  3. Did I matter today?

In other words, did I live my life robustly and fully today, being present in each moment? Did I love to the best of my ability all of those around me, friends, family or strangers? And did I matter today – did I make a difference somehow in the world, to another person in some way that benefitted them?

Mr. Burchard goes on to say that when it is our turn to die, we will ask ourselves these same 3 questions about our whole life – Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? Hopefully the answer is yes to all 3 of the questions.

Let me tell you about one of the reasons why I personally have chosen this lifestyle – my mom. web-mom

You see, my mom died at the very young age of 46 of breast cancer, leaving behind 4 grown children and a lot of great memories. Yes, she lived. Yes, she loved. Yes, she very much mattered. What was really sad was that she passed away just 3 months before I married the love of my life, who is now my travel partner and best friend as well as my husband of 28 years. Since she died right before my wedding, she never got to meet her grandchildren, and that has always made me very sad, because they never got to know her either. She was a great person, a wonderful mom, an awesome sister, aunt and friend.

But now I look back all these years later, having lived (so far) to the age of 53, and I realize just how much of life my mom missed! And it makes me wonder – did she ever want to sell it all and take off in an RV and see the world? Did she love to travel as much as I do? Her and Dad went on vacations as often as they could so I think she did. But she never got a chance to make these memories with her children, or her grandchildren for that matter. She was busy fighting for her life from the time she was diagnosed at only 43 years old until she passed at 46.

All this to say, that it is all about making memories – now, while we still can. Because you never know what could happen tomorrow, or the next day. Life is so precious. I’m still so very sad that I never got to have a mom when I was becoming a mom myself, but I am so grateful for the lessons that it has taught me – that it’s never too late to start, it’s always good to dream, and the time is now to do. To love fiercely along the way and to always let those you love know how much you love them.

So when we first entertained the thought of selling it all and going full-time RV-ing, I seriously thought my husband was off his rocker. People don’t just give it all up and go gallivanting around the United States with their houses on their backs – that’s crazy!! Except it turns out it’s not so crazy after all. Me, Jim and our son Brian are having the time of our lives making these memories together as a family. This is time we will never get back. Brian is 18 and will be joining the Navy in a few months, and then my duties as a Mom will be done. I will have raised 3 boys to the best of my ability. In the meantime though, I’m hanging on to every second that I get with Brian before that final hug goodbye as he turns and heads off into boot camp – and adulthood. Family-0742 (1)

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not this full-time RV-ing lifestyle is something you want to do, just go for it. Quit waiting for the kids to grow up, or the perfect job to happen, or to save up enough money, or whatever it is you’re waiting for. I know my Mom never planned on becoming ill and dying at such a young age, and I’m sure she felt like she didn’t finish everything she ever wanted to do. Heck, I’m 53 and I feel that way!! There is so much out there to see, and to do, and to accomplish.

Start making memories! You can always make more money. You can always make another house, or another car. You can always get another job, and you can always buy more stuff.

But you can’t ever get these years back once they are gone…

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2 Responses

  1. I have very much enjoyed reading about your adventures. I have a lot of crap but am definitely making progress in not collecting anymore. My wife and I are the same age as you, we have camped all our lives and the thought of being on the road is pretty inviting. We have a few delays to keep us anchored a couple more years though, we share our home with our Daughter,son in law and two little grand daughters(hard to imagine driving away from them) So for now we continue to get rid of collections and in 4-5 yrs we should be in good shape to hit road for some extended trips. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Jim Mellema

      Glad you’re enjoying our blog!
      Finances permitting, it seems you have the perfect setup to leave now!
      daughter, SIL, and grandbabies stay in the house (and pay for it, hehe) while you and the missus travel the country, perhaps returning quarterly for some family time?

      4 or 5 years is a long time…


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