Monaco Door Swing Arm

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Today I’m going to replace the front door swing arm on our Monaco Coach. Monaco used these things on all but their top of the line DP’s, They work like a locking scissors, they keep the door under control, and lock it in the open position such that a simple pull will unlock it and let you close the door.

At least they are supposed to. This thing is 5 pieces of stainless steel held together by 3 rivets. When they are brand new they are very tight, I think I may hear about how hard it is to close the door now. As they wear, they get loose, and don’t hold the door open, a mild freeze will slam the door. When completely worn out, they lock firm, and require one to reach up and push it before the door will move.

Ours has been in this terminal mode for a few months. It’s a pain because it’s high on top of the door, and you have to remember to reach up and pop it before you get to the bottom step and can’t reach it.

Luckily, this part is still available. I found one place, an old Monaco Dealer who seems to have stocked up before the bankruptcy. They have lots of uncommon or hard to find Monaco specific parts. If you have a Monaco made RV, I highly recommend Veurinks RV for those hard to find parts.

Anyway, Sunday I bit the big one on this, and $155 later including shipping the new swing arm is here.

First to get the old one off. I get out my trusty extend-o-ladder and climb on up. The coach side is 6 square head screws, easy peasy. The door side uses 4 3/16” short rivets. These have to be drilled out.

The new one is very tight, and somewhat of a pain to get into exactly the right place. Then run the screws back in (I replaced 2 because the heads were kinda worn.) and get out the old pop rivet tool and pop in some 3/16” short rivets. Use steel rivets, aluminum won’t last.


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