One Hot Night With Greg Brady

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Here’s the story
Of a man named Brady…

Sorry, I had to do it LOL.


web-1325We are in Branson, Missouri this week – home of many small theater shows. When we first arrived in Branson, we got the show schedule and looked through it. I immediately knew that the 70’s Music Celebration starring Barry Williams was THE show that I NEEDED to see! After all, who didn’t love Barry in The Brady Bunch back in the day? While my first love was Bobby Sherman followed closely by Donny Osmond, I did (like every pre-teen girl of that time) have just a small crush on Greg as well. And I absolutely LOVED The Brady Bunch. It was my favorite show. To this day, if I find it on TV in syndication, I will watch it. I believe I have every episode of their 5 seasons memorized, and can name that Brady episode in the first 30 seconds of the show every time. I’m pretty sure I had a Brady Bunch lunchbox too. Yea – I was all Brady all the time. A huge fan. And then when I read the show description on their website and it said that Barry takes time after the show to meet people, sign autographs and get a photo – well that just sealed the deal that this was THE show to see!

Of course all the while Jim is pretty much just laughing at me – but I don’t care! Bless his heart, he got on the phone and reserved 3 tickets at The Americana Theater (yes, Brian – my 18-year-old son – actually wanted to go too, which works out to be a really great thing as you will soon see).

We went out to dinner (Mexican food OF COURSE – it was Jim’s turn to pick) at Pancho Villa Tex Mex, which actually turned out to be very delicious! Then it was time to go see the show!

We got in to the theater and took our seats, about 30 minutes before the show was scheduled to start. The emcee was a lot of fun, and he was doing a game where the audience had to sing the next line of the song that he played, and whoever sang it the best and loudest got a prize. Now mind you, Jim and I are the youngest old people there, and there is NOBODY in this entire theater that is even close to Brian’s age. Most of the audience was bused in on motor-coaches from senior centers in neighboring states. Their walkers were blocking the aisles and the place smelled like Ben-Gay.

So they do the first 2 songs of the contest and some really old people win the prize. And then we get to the third song in the contest.

And Brian brings it!

The song they played was “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas. It just so happens that Brian knows this song from playing Guitar Hero with my other son when he was a kid.

So there’s sweet, shy Brian singing his heart out for all the world, just so he could win a prize to give to his Mommy (awwwwww!). And every old person near us in the theater is pointing to him and telling the emcee to “Pick him! Pick him!”

web-1330And so he won. He won THIS awesome photo of Barry Williams in his youth, looking all studly. At the time, the photo was not signed. So we also won the opportunity to get the photo autographed by Barry and get our pictures taken with him. Look, there’s even a little heart that Barry drew on his arm – because he loves me. Thanks Brian – for making this Mommy’s dream come true!!!

All in all the show was a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone that is in the Branson area. Of course the icing on the cake was getting to meet Barry – he was very nice and very real.

Barry, if you’re reading this – thanks for a great show! And thanks for the memories…



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  1. Sounds like a fun time, what a great time to spend with your son before he heads off to school! I like following your posts! My wife and I are heading to Eureka Springs Ak. at the end of April, how long are you in the area, it would be fun to meet you if you are still around? We were thinking this may be the year we see a show in Branson also, not sure which one yet? We’ve traveled to Eureka for the last couple years in the spring to start off our camping season. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Thanks Doug!
    We are actually heading toward Illinois as of today! Illinois is where home used to be, so we will be visiting family and having a party for my son’s Eagle Scout award (proud Mom here!). Perhaps next time!! We LOVE Branson and will surely be back!!

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