RV Satellite TV

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My husband loves NASCAR. And since he loves NASCAR, that means that we have to have really good TV service so he can watch his NASCAR races (which by the way is over for the season, Thank-You-For-The-Break-Nascar)!  Anyhoo, we opted for The DISH Network, because we had used DISH at our sticks-and-bricks, and they had a pay-as-you-go RV plan that you could turn on and off whenever you traveled. That’s no longer an issue now that we are full-time, but we have always had good luck with the DISH service, so we stuck with them.

At first we had an automatic dome antenna, and it never worked right. It just never found the satellites, had a hissy fit if there was a tree anywhere near it, and would only pick up one satellite at a time (for DISH to work right you need it to pick up all 3 satellites).

So one day, Hubby got tired of fighting with the darn thing all the time, and bit the bullet and bought the Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER. web-20150513_163730533_HDRBest money we have spent!! It’s automatic – just push the button and it raises itself on the roof and finds the satellites. It’s compatible with our DISH Hopper DVR, which we really love. That means we can record our shows, and watch a different channel on the front TV and back TV at the same time, as well as pause live TV. This is the ONLY antenna that will get all 3 satellite channels at the same time. web-20150515_170529525_HDRIt was fairly easy to install on the roof – he removed the old dome, cut the old wires, and then put the TRAV’LER up in its place, ran new wires, screwed it down and caulked it all up really good. It was about a 4-hour job, which he did in the driveway.

Alternatively, if you can’t hang with the price tag on the TRAV’LER, or don’t have the rooftop space to put one, Winegard also makes a small Carryout antenna that you can park outside your bus with a wire hooked into your DISH receiver. It’s much cheaper, no installation required, but will only get one satellite at a time. While we don’t have one ourselves, I’ve heard a lot of people say that they work just fine for them (and the reviews give it 4-1/2 stars, which is really good!)

As you can see, there are a couple of decent alternatives for satellite TV in your RV, depending on your needs and budget. We love our Winegard TRAV’LER! It works perfect, and is a perfect fit for our needs. I hope this post helps you decide which type of antenna is right for you!


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