S-N-O-W: A four-letter word

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We’re from Chicago. We’ve both lived there all of our lives – still not sure why!! Between the housing prices, taxes, politicians, and the HORRIBLE weather in winter, I seriously think we were nuts for staying there all these years. Last week they got a foot of snow back home in Chicago, while we were all warm and toasty down here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Truth be told, it was kind of fun to laugh at them back home.

Today I found this video on YouTube that pretty much sums it up, called “Snow Is A Four Letter Word”. Its pretty funny! Enjoy!

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3 Responses

  1. Dawn

    Great find on the SNOWbird video! I do find myself watching the weather back home in IL after living in Florida for the past 25 years now and laugh out loud sometimes, but, I really do miss it unlike you guys 😉

    • Jim Mellema

      Some might say we haven’t been gone long enough to miss it.
      When I stop laughing I’ll comment on that!

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