Happy Sunday! Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Read About Our Week!

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Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a nice mellow morning. Grab a cup of coffee and relax and enjoy a wrap up of our week!



I found this quote sitting on my Pinterest board titled “Quotes I Love” and fell in love with it all over again. I must have pinned it a while ago, because I forgot it was there. Such a fitting poem for this lifestyle we have been blessed to have been able to choose.

Its been a whirlwind week for sure! I knew I wanted to start getting more serious about this whole blogging thing, and I really had no idea where to begin. We (Jim and I) are completely and totally winging it here, but you guys have blown us completely away and exceeded all of our expectations! I never dreamed that our posts would be received so well, or read and shared so much, and for that I humbly thank you all. We are having a blast writing our posts for your information and enjoyment!!

On that note, our number one, numero uno most popular post award goes to Jim this week for his killer post “Tech Tuesday: WiFi That Works!”. If you missed it, you can click on the title of the post and read it now. We got tons of questions, comments and shares on this post, so we are so happy to have been able to help some of you out!! I know I was miserable before we got our Verizon Unlimited Hotspot Plan, but I’m a much happier wife now!!

Running a close second was my post “How To Sell All Your Crap And Take Off In Your RV”. This post was so much fun to write, because it all actually happened exactly the way I wrote it. It’s awesome to know I was able to make a bunch of you laugh!! Thanks so much for all your likes, comments and shares! Join us each Friday as we try to tickle your funny bone with silly posts, because well, its Friday!!

I started a series on Monday on The Location Independent Lifestyle – Work From Anywhere Jobs, and my first post was all about “How To Avoid The Scams”. I feel this is a very important topic, because so many people are asking about how they can find a location-independent job and hit the road too. Go fill that cup of coffee and come on back and read this post – its a good one. I got quite a few followers on my Work From Home Pinterest Board from this post too, so thanks for the follows!

One day I just needed a break, so I put Jim in charge of homeschooling that day, and he and Brian went on a Field Trip To The USS Alabama, which they really seemed to enjoy! If you’re a history buff (like Jim is), come on over and read all about their day, and how we incorporated homeschooling into the field trip.

And finally, I just had to share some photographs from our time in The Smoky Mountains In Fall. What a spectacular time of year to be there!

Again, thank you all so much for all of your blog-loving that you have shown us this week! We really look forward to bringing you more information and fun, and hope you will join us!! If you haven’t already, please go give our Facebook page a “like” – that way you will see when we put up new posts!

Peace and Popsicles!

Jim & Carol



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