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web-Pin-Work-From-Home6-So you’ve decided to sell it all and hit the road? Good for you!! But, you’ve realized that you still need to work while you travel. This is probably one of the most-often asked questions that I see on the Facebook pages and in forums about full-time RV living – “What do you do to make money on the road?” And similarly – “Where do you find these jobs?”

Well, there a couple of easy answers to this question, such as FlexJobs – a pay site that vets all job listings in order to make sure that none of them are scams and guarantees that all jobs are legitimate (worth the price of admission!), or WAHM – Work At Home Mom – a free site that has work-at-home job boards that you can browse. Another great choice is LinkUp – they only search company’s websites for jobs, so this is a great place to search to avoid scams. Use the keyword “telecommute” in your search. But what about if you’re looking for something a little different? Off the beaten path?

If you have a Pinterest account, you can follow my “Work While Traveling” board. I’ve been adding pins to this board for many months and have a pretty good selection of jobs or businesses that you can work while you travel. With over 250 pins, surely there is something to pique your interest. There’s everything there from transcription to running your own Etsy shop! Feel free to “follow” my board so you can see new pins as I add them!

If you have a specific skill, such as graphic arts or photography, you can put yourself out there on freelance sites, such as Fiverr, or Upwork. On these sites, you sign up as a seller and sell your tasks to buyers looking for your specific talent. The site keeps a small portion of your sale and you keep the rest. There are many people that make a full-time living off of these sites!

Just remember these safety rules:

*NEVER pay to land a job! They shouldn’t ask you for money for any reason! This is surely a sign of a scam company.
*Check out the company that you are applying to. A quick Google search of the company’s name will often uncover whether or not others have been scammed by this company.
*Beware of too-good-to-be-true claims of making a lot of money and/or easy work.
*Beware of companies that are vague about the job description.
*Never give out your credit card number or personal information until you are 100% certain the job is legit!


As you can see, there are many many places to look to find location independent work. With a bit of research, you could land your dream job and be on your way in your RV!! Good luck! And PLEASE – let me know in the comments if you land a job, or if you currently have a job that you work while traveling that you found online, so we can help others who would like to do the same!




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  1. I do some freelancing and these are some helpful ideas on where to look for more opportunities. Thanks!

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