The Sunflower Fields of South Dakota

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Large Sunflower Field in South Dakota

I had no idea that there were Sunflower fields in South Dakota! When Jim and I were discussing which direction to go when we left Illinois a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to go to Colorado to photograph the Sunflower fields, but Jim wanted to go to South Dakota and see The Badlands. So we argued discussed it for a few days and ultimately Jim won. But only because it made more sense to go to Colorado later on when we will be heading toward Arizona anyways for the winter, not because I’m a nice wife.

Anyway, so we’re driving down I-90 toward Rapid City when much to my surprise, we start rolling past the hugest, most beautiful fields of Sunflowers that went on and on forever!! So I says, “Pull over!!!” Which is no easy feat in a 40-foot bus with a car in tow, but my husband (because he knows what’s good), found a place on a side road to park the beast, unhooked the Jeep, and then drove me to one of the Sunflower fields (ain’t he sweet???)

And I died.

A Sunflower Plantation in Summer in South Dakota

And went to heaven.

Close Up Single Sunflower in South Dakota

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  1. Margie

    How cool. I just learned this year that real sunflowers follow the sun. They face the West in the morning and East in the evening. how cool is that! Beautiful images as always Carol!!

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