Full-Time RVer’s Again!

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When we left you, way back in August, we had bought a fixer-upper house on Douglas Lake, near the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Sorry we’ve been away so long, it’s been a very busy time. We cleaned and cleaned and painted and painted inside that old house. We ripped up nasty old carpeting to find savable hardwood underneath, and refinished the floors. We bought furniture.

After 2 months boondocking in the driveway, we moved into our house. We liked it so much we (Carol) convinced our adult children to join us! Our 3 boys, Samantha (Jake’s wife), and their daughter Willow. It’s just great having family so close (underfoot? And certainly within “earshot”!)
Six or so weeks ago, Samantha gave birth to Kaison. Kaison was born with a heart defect, and required some extra attention. He’s doing great now! Read Kaison’s Story here.

So now, including the dog’s, we’re up to 11 in the house, it’s kind of loud and kind of crowded.
So Carol and I, and the dogs, moved back into the bus in the driveway.

And we’re just itching to get back on the road again!

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