Not A Beautiful Beginning

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Well, we’re not having a very sexy beginning here. We are camping on the hot (its 92 degrees right now!) black asphalt parking lot at Jim’s work. We did not close on the house as expected on Friday. Something about some child support paperwork that the buyer still needs to get to his bank.

In the meantime, we emptied and cleaned the whole house anticipating that we would close on Friday. Which means we moved into the RV. However, we have to stick around here until the house closes (hopefully by Tuesday). We were going to go to the campground in Millbrook where we used to keep the camper, but they were full for the weekend. I am hoping to be able to go there tomorrow afternoon.

We are still working on Brian’s Eagle Scout project. That was kinda a bust today too. Everybody is on vacation, so only a couple of people showed up this morning to help with the project. Nobody had a post-hole digger, and nobody had a way in to the chapel to get the safety vests needed, so we had to go rent a post hole digger and we will meet again tomorrow and try and get the project done.

So our launch has certainly been a flop (go ahead and laugh – I don’t mind – I’ll be off on my adventure soon enough!)

I’ve been learning how to make and edit videos. I have a goal of posting a video every day of where we are, so you all can share this beautiful country too as we travel. I’m just using the Movie Maker program, which has been very easy to learn. There’s not much to video here so I just shot the fields of flowers close by. I posted that on my facebook page if you would like to go see it there. Its not much yet but its a start of learning! While you’re there, please give our page a “like” if you haven’t already!

Time to go cook some steaks in the parking lot!

Peace and popsicles,

Jim, Carol & Brian


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