Roam Sweet Roam Has Bought A Home

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After a full year of travel, we have decided to purchase a home once again. This was a very tough decision, and we thought about it and talked about it a lot. Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE to travel and will continue to do so and will continue to blog here about RV maintenance, fix-it’s, DIY’s as well as bring you some great “living in the country” type posts like recipes, gardening, photography and whatever else I feel like writing about.

We will also continue to travel as much as we want. We remain independent as far as work goes – continuing to work our business from home (or wherever we want when we are on the road). This remains very important to us so we can continue to travel whenever and wherever we want.

The house we purchased is located in Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains and on a beautiful lake (that’s sunrise on our lake in the picture). It was very difficult to pick a place to settle, as we love the west very much too! However, I seem to be terribly allergic to something out west (I’m guessing the blowing dust of the desert), and just can’t live out there. We’ve always loved the mountains of Tennessee, and in fact spent our honeymoon here almost 30 years ago!! Jim tells me all the time how beautiful it is here and how happy he is to be living here, and I couldn’t agree more! We have a little ranch on a lake, which needs A LOT of work,nasty-carpet-2387 but in the end will be a great house (sometimes all that gets us through a particularly grueling day of remodeling is to say, “The house is gonna be great!”). Right now our days are spent working in the morning, spending our afternoons working on the house and our nights sleeping in our RV in the driveway (guess we ARE still full-time RVers after all!). The house is too gross to actually live in yet, but will be livable very very soon. These photos show the nasty nasty nasty 1972 carpet that’s never been cleaned, which we removed and found beautiful hardwood floors underneath!! ugly-bedroomThis is our guest room which is complete now.pretty-bedroom-2472

On another completely unrelated but AWESOME note, my granddaughter has just turned 1 and couldn’t be any cuter!! And we are expecting a grandson in February!! So exciting!! kaison-2512willow-2497

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